阿寒湖畔の森There exist numerous form of life on the earth. And biological interaction of life is one of fundamental factors in terrestrial ecosystems.

So, it is necessary to know deeply about plant, animal or microbial species which form the ecosystem, to understand the composition, function or mechanisms of the ecosystem.

On the contrary, it is necessary to know about role, position or relationship of plant, animal or microbial species in the ecosystem in studying one specific plant, animal or microbial species.


Ecosystem biology is a study field to treat a plant, animal or microbial species as a component of ecosystem and study on the basis of interaction between ecosystem or biological diversity.
Ecosystem Biology Course focuses on the mechanisms of creation, maintenance and decline of biological diversity, paying attention to environment structure, population structure, spatial genetic structure, and biological interaction.

The Ecosystem Biology Course is consisted with four research groups. Cold Region Plant Ecology and Physiology Group mainly study on plant species and forest plant community in cold region. Microbial Ecology Group mainly study on microbial community in natural environment which includes lake or forest floor. Biodiversity Group mainly study on Drosophilidae fly species and shrew mouse based on the plant-animal interaction. Biochemistry Group mainly study on molecular mechanism of non-self recognition in insect defense system.

If you want to know more about research group, please contact research staff of the group via e-mail or so.

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